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Straightening Teeth | Braces

Teeth/Tooth Straightening has changed dramatically over the past decade and there are now many new exciting treatment options that can be used to straighten teeth. These range from invisible braces to cosmetic ceramic braces and of course conventional metal braces. Our dentists will advise you on the best type of orthodontic treatment for optimal results to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Invisble Braces

Quick Straight TeethQuick Straight Teeth offers a range of appliances, both removable and fixed braces, which straighten teeth, quickly and effectively whilst addressing these 4 concerns:

  • The price of our treatments is generally lower for the patients, due to our lower laboratory bills.
  • The appearance of the clear braces appliances and fixed braces is very discreet – almost invisible.
  • Our system has an average treatment time of 4 to 24 weeks.
  • All of our appliances have been rigorously tested to ensure maximum wearability and comfort

Cosmetic Braces

Aesthetic braces are a form of fixed brace that is bonded onto the front of the teeth. They are made from ceramic tooth coloured materials and can blend in with your natural teeth and so appear less noticeable than conventional metal braces. A variety of different ceramic braces are available to suit individual treatment needs and budgets.

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces can precisely control the position of individual teeth. Your new smile is created using metal brackets and wires and treatment time can last between six months and two years. The individual components of the braces are attached to the outside of the teeth using a quick and stress-free technique. The wires are then attached to the braces using small elastics that are available in just about any colour you could want!

Removeable Braces

Removable braces may be used to correct a number of orthodontic problems. They are not stuck to the teeth and so can be removed for cleaning or when playing contact sports. These braces may be used either on their own or in conjunction with fixed braces. When used with fixed braces for complex cases, they can produce results that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve with fixed braces alone.